Open Excel - Open the Powers of Excel

An important and indispensable ADD-IN for every excel user

Open Excel fills the gaps one may encounter in Excel 2007 and it also automates many of the frequently used tasks. It saves a lot of time and speed up the work. Whether you're a beginner or advanced user, you know functions or macros or neither, you're gonna use it, since it reduces manual inputs, increase accuracy, add efficiency and makes your work a quality work.

You must have encountered Gaps in Excel :

1.  If you've encountered copy error, while copying discontinuous range of data.

2.  If you want to run a charts slide show.

3.  If you want to detect and delete blank rows or columns in selection.

4.  If you want to calculate number of business days between two columns of date data.

5.  If you want to invert the selection.

6.  If you want to delete the pivot tables.

7.  If you want to sort all worksheets by their name.

8.  If you want to find or select all cells with same color as active cell color in the worksheet.

9.  If you want to spell numbers like 4006831 in words like Four million six thousand eight hundred thirty one.

10.If you want to remove all blank worksheets present in active workbook.

11.If you want to merge 2 or more worksheets with same columns heading.

12.If you want to select entire row or column of selection.

There are such more than 100 utilities embedded in this free and essential add-in. Some of them fills the gaps in excel and else automates the frequently used tasks.

Meaning of Open Excel

It means power of Open source for excel users. Those users who want to know the source code for their other personal uses can visit source code page here. This add-in is absolutely free considering the need of today's real world where boss don't want to spend an extra penny and its users are looking for an angel as in this conversation.

Boss: I'm mailing you a report, you've to format it in least possible time.
You: Ok, what is to be done.
Boss: Add '0' to first column, convert all formulas to values, remove hyperlinks, trim all the data, remove empty rows and calculate number of business days(excluding saturdays and sundays) between project start and end dates. and yes all of this in 30 minutes. It's urgent and important.
You: Ok sir.

and when you look at the data, it's around 10000 rows and all you can think of is an angel.

Why should I choose Open Excel and not anyone else?

Single Reason to choose: It is distributed free, which means you don't need to purchase either the add-in or its license to use it. You can use it the way you want, where you want (Office or Home) or when you want from the moment you download it which can save your lots of time by adding accuracy and efficiency to your excel work.

Multiple reasons to avoid:
1. If you love to do your daily excel work manually.
2. If you love this statement atleast twice a day: "To err is human."
3. If you don't want to have free time for you and your loved ones.
4. If you're against technological enhancements.
5. If you're against free softwares.
6. If you dislike me (the developer of OpenXL)
7. If you don't use excel.
8. If you dislike your organization and want to waste its most powerful resource, TIME.
9. If you already work faster and more accurately than computer.

Difference between Open Excel and Open Excel Plus:Open Excel is for Excel 2003 and Open Excel Plus is for Excel 2007.